Rent This Property

Orchard Homes Country Life Club is managed by Missoula’s own Plum Property Management. For many days of each month, OHCLC is available for rental for many different occasions. Whether it’s a business meeting, birthday party, or charity event, OHCLC can be a great place for your events to be held. Property includes a huge dance floor, stage, two food and refreshment side rooms, kitchen to cook and serve from and separate male/female bathrooms. The large parking lot will assure everyone their vehicle will be off street and features a basket ball hoop on site.

For more information or to rent this property, visit, or call Plum at (406) 541-7586.

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Fine print: Member discounts are generally not available in December. Rental rates
are set by the Board of Directors and only the board may change these rates. Please contact the Board of Directors before you call the rental agent. Member rates are available to new members 6 months after joining the club