Orchard Homes Country Life Club and Rental Venue








The purpose of the Orchard Homes Country Life Club, as per its founding fathers, is to provide a community center in the Orchard Homes area; to promote the mutual welfare of its members, and to aid in any movement towards a better rural environment. See the History section for a brief history of the club.

Over the past 100 years, thousands of events have been hosted at the clubhouse – from baby showers and graduation parties, to bridal showers and memorials.

The Orchard Homes Country Life Club (OHCLC) is the only club of its kind left in the United States. It is open to all residents who live in the Orchard Homes area have lived here for at least two months.

Dues are $15.00 per adult, per year, due in January.

OHCLC is also available for rent. For more details, click here.